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On Sale this weekend!

Ultra-Moisturizing Sea Salts Scrub is on sale for Memorial Day weekend- $5 for a 4 fl oz jar, any scent, until I run out of my supplies! Also, if you’re in the Boston area, order things now for the summer (before I go down south) to avoid shipping fees!


Ultra-Moisturizing Sea Salts Scrub

I just used some of my Ultra-Moisturizing Salts Scrub while taking a bath and I feel truly delightful! After soaking in the hot water (with my homemade eucalyptus bath salts, of course!) I scrubbed my entire body with it, even though at first I just intended to use it for my rough, pointe-shoe calloused feet. The sea salts are gently exfoliating and draw impurities from the body. The oils- shea butter, vitamin e rich sunflower, rose geranium, coconut- massage a protective, moisture-trapping coat over the freshly scrubbed skin. I feel so soft and nourished!

I make the bath scrubs with essential oils, sea salts, raw shea butter, and other oils such as sunflower seed, grapeseed, coconut, and sweet almond. I make them to order, so if you are allergic to something, such as one of the oils, I can modify my recipe for you.

Salts Scrubs~ Relaxing Lavender, Rejuvenating Eucalyptus, Enchanted Forest, Sweet Cinnamon, Awakening Lemongrass, Comforting Clove, Floral Geranium, Purely Patchouli, and Invigorating Mint
4 fl oz jar ~ $8. 12 oz~ $16. 16 fl oz jar (pint) ~ $20.

Prices are:
4 fl oz jar ~ $8. 12 oz~ $16. 16 fl oz jar (pint) ~ $20. 32 oz (quart mason jar)~ $37.

Plus whatever shipping is, usually between $5 and $12, depending on the weight- they can be pretty heavy. They come in wide-mouthed glass jars.

To order, e-mail me at

Downy Solomon’s Seal

Yesterday I went searching for Solomon’s Seal. I waited all winter, and finally it is time- actually, it’s a little late, as I was so busy, for gathering! I’ve done research on the medicinal uses of the rhizome and I’d like to try it for myself. I learned about how to gently dig portions of the rhizome so it doesn’t hurt- and can even help- the plant, and continue to encourage the wild populations. While I was hoping particularly for some Polygonatum biflorum var. communitatum, Giant Solomon’s Seal, and its nice, big tubers, it was the much smaller Polygonatum pubescens, or Downy Solomon’s Seal, that we found plentiful in these woods. My sister and fiance came along and we tromped around the forest for three hours, getting our hands delightfully dirty and filling a small paper bag with enough rhizome for me to work with later. We’d carefully count the ages of each plant by reading the knobs of yearly growth on the rhizomes, leaving the youngest plants alone and triumphantly sharing the ages of the oldest ones. I think our record for the day was a twelve year old plant! For a delicate looking little guy maybe 10 inches tall, I have to say I was quite impressed. Today I’ll be chopping it up and setting some of it to tincture, and some to infuse in oil for the next two months. After straining and preparing it, I’ll be testing it out on myself, trying it for back pain, injured tendons, ligaments, and other sports injuries, and in particular, inflammation when associated with a need to restore synovial fluids in joints and balancing connective tissues.
Resources on Solomon’s Seal

Remembering Nature’s Healing Magic

Leelou Wisemyn is a shamanic witch and herbalist. As a shamanic witch, she has studied with the Temple of Witchcraft and Cambridge Shamanic Circle, and been incredibly guided throughout her life by the divine spirit of Nature. As an herbalist, she apprenticed with CoreyPine Shane at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, and then continued her botanical medicine education with Juliet Blankespoor and the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. She founded Spirit Tree Circle in Boston, MA, and co-led the circle until moving to North Carolina to continue her studies in plant medicine and begin a homestead. While in Boston, she danced full-time with Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, a professional ballet company that also supports social justice causes and hosts the annual Dance For World Community Festival in Harvard Square. Leelou started Forest Faerie Herbals in 2011. She is available for herbal consultations and creations. Her website blog is

I am a holistic herbalist and my aim is to take into account the whole person and the whole situation. I may make lifestyle change suggestions in addition to recommending herbal allies to help you along your path. Herbs (or drugs, or anything really) alone do not solve problems- it takes a person to make changes in their life to enact a healthy situation and journey. My goal is to help you discover your innate healthy self, regardless of how we get you there. I am also a practitioner of shamanic witchcraft, and utilize this and the intuitive guidance of my spirit guides in my practice. Thank you!


So… I’m going to start out by giving some background. Let’s start with Hi! My name is Leelou. I’m currently a company dancer with Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre in Boston, MA. In addition to dancing, I love nature! I’ve been studying herbalism on my own for quite some time, and, I just couldn’t wait any longer to really immerse myself in it. So last year, even though I was incredibly busy with ballet, I couldn’t keep myself from breaking down (after reading a number of great books such as The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook, The Village Herbalist, and inspiring websites by herbalists like Jim MacDonald) and splurged my savings on buying some supplies I needed to get started with my home herbal practice. Being a professional dancer, naturally what I wanted to make first was something for my aching body! I did lots of research on different herbs and formulations, imagined many recipe ideas, and began my experiments. I sure spent a lot of money and time on those not-so-perfect results until, yes! Something amazing came together! I put the healing cream I’d made to work on my overworked ballerina body. I noticed wonderful results on my muscles- less ache, faster recovery time, more supple muscle. My coworkers saw me using the balm regularly and having improvement, and soon I was sharing it all over the studio and stage. Since the prior year, I’d been dealing with torn cartilage, paralabral cysts, and surrounding tissue reactions in both my hips. I wasn’t even sure if I could continue dancing, but when I finally got the MRI results and the doc said “torn for life, needs surgery, and you have to stop dancing,” I said, “well, I’m never going back to THAT doctor again!” And I determinedly danced back to the studio, of course. I used my herbal remedy constantly, and it helped the muscles, but it seemed this was too big of a job. I did, however, continue applying it to my hips multiple times a day- it relaxed the surrounding muscles enough to work more properly, even though I was still in a lot of pain. But one day, maybe two or three months after I began, I realized I hadn’t put it on for days. I hadn’t thought to. Because… it didn’t hurt! And it is now 29 Nutcrackers and 34 rep shows, as well as a hamstring strain and extremely quick recovery, later. This experience really empowered me to embrace nature’s incredibly healing powers. Since then, I’ve branched out and expanded my home practice. I’m going to herbal medicine school. I’m learning so much and finding SO MUCH MAGIC in nature! It’s magic in the garden, the forest, and the kitchen for me! And of course the studio, and all my dancer friends who have been so supportive and helped jumpstart me on this new life path!