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Calendula & Clay Facial Soap

This soap is formulated for use as a wonderful facial cleanser. Especially good for acne-prone skin. Smells like fresh orange!
This handmade-by-me, hot process soap contains Calendula-infused Olive Oil, Calendula Petals, Bentonite Clay, Castor Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Orange Wax, Palm Oil (Sustainably Harvested Organic), Cedarwood Essential Oil, Soybean Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and completely saponified lye. $4/small, $5/large. Shapes vary, sold by average weight.
Always avoid eye area and follow with moisturizer!

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Herbal Honeys and Elixirs

Herbal honeys are a delicious way to take herbal medicine. Infuse the herbs in the honey by putting the two together and heating very gently on a warm setting for a few days, or during the summer simply put the jar in a sunny window for a couple months or so. The sun method is preferred, as it maintains more of the honey’s natural raw medicine, but you can’t do this with herbs that have too high of a water content or they may not last long enough to infuse properly. Cold infusions are also popular, where you just let the herb and the honey infuse over time without any help from warmth. When the honey has noticeably changed color, scent, and flavor, strain out the herbs and there you have your herb-infused honey medicine. If you use raw, unfiltered, local honey the benefits will be increased. To make an elixir, I blend tinctures (herbs infused in a solvent such as wine, vodka, glycerin, and/or raw apple cider vinegar), herbs, and medicinally infused honey.
If you are interested in buying herbal honeys or elixirs from me, I am happy to make a blend especially for your needs. I use local, raw, and unfiltered honey. Let me know what you are interested in and what kind of amount you’re looking for, and I’ll let you know what options are available. I really enjoy making medicines from the earth and sharing them with people. Elixirs come in 1 oz dropper top amber bottles for $12. I have a few sizes available for pure honeys, and prices vary by the type.

Currently available:

Organic Ginger
Organic Turmeric
Pine ($15/4oz jar)
Goldenrod ($10/4oz jar)
Elecampane ($13/4oz jar)
Hibiscus ($13/4oz jar)

Honey-Alcohol/Vinegar Elixirs ($12/1 oz bottle w/dropper):
Calming Lavender Honey Elixir ($11/oz)
Osha Root Elixir
Spicy Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Elixir
Love Potion

And more

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***Legal disclaimer***

Everything on this website is meant for informational purposes only. It is not meant to make claims about herbs or products, diagnose, or treat any illness, injury, or health issue. Always consult with a qualified medical care provider concerning the diagnosis and treatment of any problem.

Natural Perfumes

100% natural perfumes and aromatherapy in a .35 oz roll-on bottle. $10. Special blends by request. Click Here For Ordering Information

Citrus Groove
Lavender Serenity
Peaceful Patchouli
Enchanted Forest
Tropical Rainforest
Egyptian Night
Lemongrass Love
Rose & Eucalyptus
Earth Mama
Sensuality (Ylang-ylang, Lavender)
Spice (Clove, Patchouli)
Minty Mood

Also available until I run out:
1/2 ounce tins of solid perfumes- made completely naturally with essential oils, coconut, cocoa, almond, and avocado oils, and beeswax. Made to order. $7.

Citrus Groove
Rose & Eucalyptus

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Below are my tinctures, though my list needs frequent updating, so please inquire if you do not see what you need. Specialized and custom blends are available as well. If desired, I can do a consultation to help you find the right blend for your situation.
Made with organic grain, organic corn, or organic grape alcohol. A note about gluten free tinctures.
$10/1 oz bottle, $18/2 oz, $35/4 oz. Amber bottles with dropper. Please inquire about pricing if you’d like a larger amount.
** Single Herb Tinctures are for clients or locals only! Thanks! **

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Moon Cycle

Cold & Flu Preventative

UTI/Kidney Care

Sleep Well

Headache Ease

Sunshine in a Bottle (Good Mood)

Less Stress

Open Heart

Tummy Tamer

Pain Relief Blend

Elixirs (pricing may vary):

Calming Lavender Honey Elixir

Osha Root Elixir

Spicy Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Elixir

Love Potion

Single Herb Tinctures (available for clients only):

Agrimony -Agrimonia parviflora
Angelica -Angelica archangelica
Ashwagandha -Withania somnifera
Astragalus -Astragalus membranaceus
Arnica (flowers) -Arnica chaminsonis or montana
Betony -Stachys officinalis
Black Birch -Betula lenta
Black Cohosh -Actaea racemosa
Black Haw -Viburnum prunifolium
Black Walnut -Juglans nigra
Bloodroot -Sanguinaria canadensis
Blue Cohosh -Caulophyllum thalictroides
Blue Vervain -Verbena hastata
Calamus -Acorus calamus
Calendula -Calendula officinalis
California Poppy -Eschscholzia californica
Cat’s Claw- Uncaria tomentosa
Creosote Bush -Larrea tridentata/ L. iridentata
Cinnamon -Cinnamomum zeylandica
Comfrey (leaf) -Symphytum officinale
Corn silk -Zea mays

Damiana -Turnera aphrodisiaca
Dandelion (leaf, root) -Taraxacum officinale
Dong Quai -Angelica sinensis
Echinacea (root) -Echinacea purpurea
Elderberry (berries) Sambucus nigra
Elecampane -Inula helenium
Eleuthero -Eleutherococcus senticossus
Eyebright -Euphrasia
Fennel -Foeniculum vulgare
Feverfew -Chrysanthemum parthenium
Gentian -Gentiana clausa
Ginger -Zingiber officinalis
Goldenrod -Solidago spp.
Goldenseal -Hydrastis canadensis
Hawthorne (berry & flower) -Crataegus spp.
Hibiscus – Hibiscus sabdariffa
Holy Basil/Tulsi -Ocimum sanctum/tenuiflorum
Hops -Humulus lupulus
Horehound -Marrubium vulgare
Isatis (root)
Irish Moss -Chondrus crispus
Jamaican Dogwood -Piscidia erythrina
Jewelweed -Impatiens sp.
Jiogulan -Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Kava kava -Piper methysticum
Lavender -Lavandula spp
Lemon Balm -Melissa officinalis
Lobelia -Lobelia inflata
Meadowsweet -Filipendula ulmaria
Mimosa (bark & flowers) -Albizia julibrissin
Motherwort -Leonurus cardiaca
Mugwort -Artemisia vulgaris
Muira Puama -Ptychopetalum olacoides
Mullein (flower) -Verbascum thapsis or V. olympicum
Myrrh -Commiphora myrrha
Oats (milky and straw) -Avena sativa
Oregon Grape Root -Mahonia aquifolium
Oshá -Ligusticum porteri
Partridge Berry -Mitchella repens
Lady’s Mantle- Alchemilla vulgaris
Lapacho -Tabebuia impetiginosa
Pipsissewa -Chimaphila maculata or C. umbellata
Ragweed -Ambrosia trifida/artemesifolia
Reishi – Gandoderma lucidum/tsugae
Rhodiola -Rhodiola rosea
Rosemary -Rosemarinus officinalis
Saw Palmetto -Serenoa repens
Schizandra -Schisandra chinensis
Shatavari -Asparagus racemosa
Shepherd’s Purse -Capsella bursa-pastoris
Skullcap -Scutellaria lateriflora
Solomon’s Seal -Polygonatum biflorum
Spilanthes -Spilanthes acmella/oleracea
St. John’s Wort -Hypericum perforatum or H. punctatum
Stoneroot -Collinsonia canadensis
Thyme -Thymus vulgaris
Turmeric (fresh root) – Curcuma longa
Uva-ursi- Arcto staphylos
Valerian -Valeriana officinalis
Violet -Viola spp.
Vitex -Vitex agnus-castus
Wild Cherry -Prunus serotina
Wild Lettuce -Lactuca virosa
Wild Yam -Dioscorea villosa
White Willow -Salix alba
Witch Hazel -Hamamelis virginiana
Wood Anemone -Anemone quinquefolia
Pedicularis -Pedicularis canadensis
Yarrow -Achillea millefolium
Yellow Dock -Rumex crispus
Yucca (root) – Yucca spp.

Limited availability:

Boneset -Eupatorium perfoliatum
Baikal Scullcap -Scutellaria baicalensis
Brahmi -Bacopa monnieri
Bugleweed -Lycopus virginicus
Burdock -Arctium lappa
Catnip -Nepeta cataria
Chamomile -Matricaria recutita
Garden Sage -Salvia officinalis
Garlic -Allium sativum
Geranium (Wild) -Geranium maculatum
Ghost Pipe/Indian Pipe -Monotropa uniflora
Ginkgo -Ginkgo biloba
Gotu Kola -Centella asiatica
Hydrangea -Hydrangea arborescens
Kudzu root -Pueraria lobata
Lemon Verbena
Licorice -Glycyrrhiza uralensis or glabra
Linden- Tilia spp.
Milk Thistle -Silybum marianum
Mullein (leaf) -Verbascum thapsis or V. olympicum
Mullein (root) -Verbascum thapsis or V. olympicum
Nettles (fresh leaf) -Urtica dioica
Nettle (root) -Urtica dioica
Passionflower -Passiflora incarnata
Peppermint -Mentha piperita
Prickly Ash- Xanthoxylum americanum
Pokeweed-Phytolacca americanus
Propolis (bee resin)
Red Root -Ceanothus americanus
Red Raspberry (leaf) -Rubrus idaeus
Red Sage -Salvia mitorhiza
Sassafrass -Sassafrass albidum
Self Heal -Prunella vulgaris
Spikenard (root & berry) -Aralia racemosa
Wild Ginger -Asarum canadense
Wild Sarsaparilla -Aralia nudicaulis
White Peony (Bai shao yao) -Paeonia lactiflora
Yellow Root -Xanthorhiza simplicissima


Herbal Oils

Herbs infused in oil, olive oil unless otherwise stated. For external use only! Can be blended into balms or used directly as massage oils. $16/100 ml bottle (over three ounces).

Calendula (Olive or Grapeseed)
Comfrey leaf
Larrea (Creosote Bush)

Others are available as well, and upon request with time to brew it.

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Loose Herbs

These are herbs I either grow and have a lot of this season, or buy in large bulk amounts, and would like to pass some on to anyone interested, to keep my supplies fresh! $4/oz, or $7 for 2 oz.

Raspberry Leaf
Calendula Petals

I do have many many other herbs, if you’re looking for something in particular I may have it, these are just the ones I have an excess of. Please feel free to email me and ask.
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Calendula Petals

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

I am offering the following essential oils in 10ml bottles. They are pure, uncut and undiluted. I also make special aromatherapy blends in .35 oz roll-on bottles as well.

Pure Essential Oils

Eucalyptus $8
Lemongrass $9
Lavender $10
Patchouli $16
Orange (Valencia) $7
Rosemary $10
Fir Needle $11
Cedarwood $11
Tea Tree $9
Lemon $10
Ylang-ylang $18
10x Orange $11
Litsea $10
Tangerine $7
Sage (Dalmation) $12
Peppermint $8
White Thyme $12
Fennel $7
Cinnamon $12
Clove $12

Aromatherapy blends $12

Perfumes $10

Spiritually Cleansing Blessing Oil $12

More coming soon! I am happy to make a blend for you by request.

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Thank you!