Baby’s Bum Balm

This multi-purpose balm I made for my baby’s bum has been great at stopping rashes before they start. I have not noticed any issues with it with using cloth diapers, but I personally don’t really care about stains if they happen (I mean, come on, it’s a diaper), so you may want to use caution if you care about that.

While there are a lot of herbs, they are not all necessary- you can just use what you can find. Most of them are free weeds you can easily find, and I never traveled outside my own yard for any of them. I’ve put a star next to the ones I find most important to include.

Use at least one or two (or all) of the following- gather fresh and let wilt overnight:

Violet (leaves, flowers ok too), plantain leaves, cleavers, chickweed

Use dry or fresh:
*Calendula (whole flowers), *comfrey (leaves and/or root), lavender.

The following are the oils I used with my last batch, but they can be modified if you like. I don’t use palm oil anymore due to environmental issues with harvesting, but I still had some organic sustainably harvested palm oil left so I used that. Grapeseed or olive oils are good oils to use instead- you’ll just have to use more beeswax to thicken it. Sometimes I like to add (organic, fair trade) shea butter as well.

In order of most to least:
Coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil (very little), beeswax.


Combine all ingredients EXCEPT the beeswax in a crockpot. Just eyeball it to your liking. Heat on low for a few hours. Leave the lid off. After a couple hours I like to strain it and add more freshly wilted plant material, but most people don’t so do whatever you want.

Strain well, leaving no plant material behind.

Add beeswax. Again, I just eyeball it and test it. You can put a spoon in the melted mixture and put it in the freezer for a few minutes to get an idea of how thick it will be when done, and adjust accordingly.

Pour into jars and let cool.

You’re done!




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