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Intro to Herbal Medicine course, available through work-trade only, starts August 15, 2014. Class and work exchange is held every Friday at 3pm in Alexander, NC (fifteen minutes from downtown Asheville). E-mail me if you are interested in getting involved!

I will be teaching a 16 week course, Herbal Medicine for the Family, spring/summer of 2015. Apprenticeships and work trade are still available. Please inquire if you are interested in taking this course! Classes are held once a week just outside of Asheville, NC. E-mail for more information.

I am a holistic herbalist and I take into account the whole person and the whole situation. I have a special interest in family health (babies, mothers, children) and emotional health, but I gladly welcome others into my practice as well. I may make suggestions pertaining to lifestyle, diet, and emotional and spiritual health, with herbal allies to help you along your path. Herbs (or drugs, or anything really) alone do not solve problems- it takes a person to make changes in their life to enact a healthy situation and journey. My goal is to help you discover your innate healthy self!
Consultations are $35 first visit (usually lasting one to two hours), $15 for half-hour followups ($25/hour for anything longer), and I am available for five minutes or less phone calls or emails. Full recommendations are given within a week, and herbal formulas are available for purchase from me (I am also happy to give you basic information about making your formulas yourself if you wish). Consultations are done in person in the Asheville, NC area, or, arrangements can be made for phone or online consultations.

My herbals are handmade and high quality. All ingredients I use are certified organic, non-certified but organically grown from my garden, ethically wildcrafted, or naturally grown and non-irradiated. I buy locally whenever possible, and support other small businesses and handmade artists and healers.

If you have questions about any of my herbal concoctions, to schedule classes, or to request a consultation, please contact me: Many thanks and many blessings!

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