Love Potion

This heart-opening, slightly spicy and sweet elixir is filled with delightful aphrodisiac herbs. Take a squeeze straight or in your drink (water, tea, juice, etc).
$12/1 oz or $20/2 oz. Amber glass bottle with dropper.
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Everything on this website is meant for informational purposes only. It is not meant to make claims about herbs or products, diagnose, or treat any illness, injury, or health issue. Always consult with a qualified medical care provider concerning the diagnosis and treatment of any problem.



UTI Care

Using this tincture formula has seen excellent results in my herbal practice. For prevention, when you sense a UTI coming on, take 1-2 dropperfuls of tincture in tea, once to three times daily. For UTIs already in swing, take two to three dropperfuls of tincture in tea (uva ursi is an excellent tea choice), every four to five hours. If no improvement is seen after three doses (or anytime if you feel it is serious), make sure you see a doctor! Not for long term use, and not for use in pregnancy.

Always see a doctor in cases of serious infection. This is NOT to be substituted for a doctor’s advice or treatment.
No claims are made about this product, it is a home remedy!

1 oz bottle $10, 2 oz $18.

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Herbal Honeys and Elixirs

Herbal honeys are a delicious way to take herbal medicine. Infuse the herbs in the honey by putting the two together and heating very gently on a warm setting for a few days, or during the summer simply put the jar in a sunny window for a couple months or so. The sun method is preferred, as it maintains more of the honey’s natural raw medicine, but you can’t do this with herbs that have too high of a water content or they may not last long enough to infuse properly. Cold infusions are also popular, where you just let the herb and the honey infuse over time without any help from warmth. When the honey has noticeably changed color, scent, and flavor, strain out the herbs and there you have your herb-infused honey medicine. If you use raw, unfiltered, local honey the benefits will be increased. To make an elixir, I blend tinctures (herbs infused in a solvent such as wine, vodka, glycerin, and/or raw apple cider vinegar), herbs, and medicinally infused honey.
If you are interested in buying herbal honeys or elixirs from me, I am happy to make a blend especially for your needs. I use local, raw, and unfiltered honey. Let me know what you are interested in and what kind of amount you’re looking for, and I’ll let you know what options are available. I really enjoy making medicines from the earth and sharing them with people. Elixirs come in 1 oz dropper top amber bottles for $12. I have a few sizes available for pure honeys, and prices vary by the type.

Currently available:

Organic Ginger
Organic Turmeric
Pine ($15/4oz jar)
Goldenrod ($10/4oz jar)
Elecampane ($13/4oz jar)
Hibiscus ($13/4oz jar)

Honey-Alcohol/Vinegar Elixirs ($12/1 oz bottle w/dropper):
Calming Lavender Honey Elixir ($11/oz)
Osha Root Elixir
Spicy Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Elixir
Love Potion

And more

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***Legal disclaimer***

Everything on this website is meant for informational purposes only. It is not meant to make claims about herbs or products, diagnose, or treat any illness, injury, or health issue. Always consult with a qualified medical care provider concerning the diagnosis and treatment of any problem.

Princess Jewelweed

Lately I have been in a deep amour with Princess Jewelweed. Such beauty, such charm, such cheerful disposition! This plant grows where she’s needed- if there’s poison ivy about, it’s likely the Princess is there too to help you out should you need it. In the summer, jewelweed has very pretty, small orange or yellow flowers, and sometimes grows taller than I am. If you need to harvest some, just take a sprig, and let the plant live so others may enjoy jewelweed too. If you have a bug bite, or have been exposed to poison ivy, and have access to jewelweed, take some leaves or stem (flowers work too but I like to let them stay and bring more beauty into the world), crush it up and apply it to the area. In my experience, it helps a lot with the swelling, itching, and other reactions, in addition to being an excellent poison ivy rash preventative.

I make a jewelweed soap and salve/ointments.

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Jewelweed Soap
Especially good for poison ivy. Wash with this after exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, bug bites, stinging nettles, and other outdoor itches. We use this in my house as our shower soap all through the summer as a preventative- it’s also just a nice soap! $5/bar
Ingredients: Olive Oil infused with Jewelweed, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (sustainably harvested organic), Aloe Vera Juice, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Calendula Petals, Oats.

Jewelweed Ointment/ Poison Ivy & Bug Rub
Apply this to skin before and after (washing first is a good idea) any possible exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, bug bites, stinging nettles, and other outdoor itches. Minimizes reactions, reduces swelling, and discourages mosquitoes and other bugs from taking a bite. Has a strong scent, most notably lemongrass! $7 for a 1.5 oz jar, $15/ 4 oz.
Ingredients: Jewelweed-infused Olive Oil, Beeswax, Jewelweed & Comfrey Tinctures, Aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar infused with Jewelweed, Mint, Rosemary, & Lavender, Thyme-infused Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Citronella, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, & Cedarwood.
May also contain Plantain, Sage, Oregano, Marjoram, Basil.

Jewelweed Ointment

4 oz of Jewelweed Ointment

Jewelweed Soap before unmolding

Wrapped Jewelweed Soaps!

Bug Rub

Bug Rub report: Yesterday I went outside for two minutes in shorts. In that time, I got 12 bites. Today, I put the rub all over and I went out for an evening walk, in a short summer dress, in my forested neighborhood, past the reservoir and all around, for an hour and a half. The first hour I got one bite, on the front of my ankle- an awkward place that I may not have even covered. The last fifteen minutes of the walk, however, I suddenly got 3 bites on my bare leg. My walking partner (who was also rubbed, and in shorts) got one bite the entire time, on the top of his foot, which he also didn’t cover. So, I am going to add more essential oils and see if that improves it, make sure I get everything covered, and reapply after an hour. [Update: Went out again this evening (next day), 45 min hike, haven’t added any more essential oils yet- NO bites. Wow!] If you decide to test it out yourself, please, give feedback! No bug repellent is 100% effective, and of course, the chemicals “work” the best (but also may give you cancer and poison you and the environment). I feel that the minor effort of reapplying after an hour and suffering the occasional hungry mosquito that gets through is well worth it for the health of myself and the environment! Good luck!

Keep those skeeters off your skin!

Coconut Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil

Rub into skin before exposing yourself to them buggers!

Already have bites? Try my Faery Fire or Jewelweed Ointment to help that itching stop!


Organic Lavender Shea Soap

This is my favorite and the highest quality of any soap I’ve made or used! Oh it smells divine! It’s not the most beautiful of soaps, as it’s glopped into a pan to harden then cut into bars to cure- but so good and natural. I think you’ll agree when you see my ingredients!

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil (Organic)
Castor Oil
Palm Oil (Sustainably Harvested Organic)
Shea Butter (Organic Raw Fair Trade)
Lye (completely saponified to 7% superfatting w/retained glycerin)
Mountain Well Water
Oats (Organic)
Lavender (Organic)
Essential Oils of:
Fir Needle

This soap is 7% superfatted. That means that 7% of the oils in the soap are left unreacted with the lye, and all the lye has been reacted and turned into soap. This makes for a softer, richer, and luxurious bar that lathers nicely. This is my favorite of all the soaps I make!

As with any true soap, it is best to keep it in a soap dish so it can dry out in between uses. If you use a soap dish your soap will stay harder and last longer.
$5 ea.

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Also currently available: Calendula & Clay Facial Soap