Customer feedback for Forest Faerie Herbals products:

I have migraines that can last days. When this arrived I was sick with one so ended up immediately trying it. May you be blessed 3 fold for the kindness & magic in this bottle! While you warn to wait up to 45 min for results, I was feeling better in 20 minutes!!!!
Later in the evening, my daughter managed to pinch a nerve in her shoulder & it was bugging her so much I had her try the elixer too. I’m not sure how long it took or how she feels it worked, but my insomniac daughter is currently sleeping peacefully
TY! And Brightest Blessings to you and your family

A total life saver!! I have two ruptured discs and this gave my back muscle some much needed relief!! A must have for sore muscles!!

Im writing to give you my personal THANK YOU for this soap. You have no idea the difference you have made in my appearance. In just 2 weeks almost all of my acne scars are gone and I havent had ANY breakouts since. I have tried everything under the sun and this stopped the problem almost immediately and I am so grateful to have found your products!

This smells sooooo good! Cant wait to use it!! Thank you for the helpful instructions as well!

I love this product…I really do think it helps with the inflammation that accompanies blemishes and helps to promote healing. Another great product….thanks so much!

The muscle balm arrived very quickly…and I have to say this stuff is amazing!!! My son son is a soccer player. He injured a quad and has been in therapy. After his last game game, I gave him the muscle balm. The next morning, he said it felt great. He is usually limping for a couple days. I would recommend that anyone with aches or pains give it a try. Thank you!!!

Amazing tea, wonderful communication. Answered any question I had,great seller and GREAT product!!

Powerful healing herbs and mojo indeed! I’ve been sharing your cards as well as this balm with anyone who needs it, because it works so well. In fact, in 5 minutes or so, I’ll be going upstairs to put some on my Mom’s back for her- it went out 2 days ago, and the balm has really been helping her. =0) Thank you for being such an honest and creative herbal healer!

I tried out the jewelweed cream for avoiding insect bites for the second time today: no bites—after three hours, although at that point the bugs (gnats mostly) were beginning to notice me. I LOVE the lemon grass scent when I put it on and walk outdoors. Such a psychological (and biological, I’m sure)  improvement over Off! The first time I tried it to prevent bites, I got one, between the 3 and 4-hour mark. But actually the gnat bite was on my eyelid, where I had put no cream. Four hours is really too long to count on it though.

Amazing!! Got to have Forest Faerie in your home!

Thank you very much for your shop. Many people do not make or sell truly all natural or organic products. I will definitely be a return customer!

Wonderful! Smells great.

I received my ointment today. Oh my, I can tell this stuff is going to be just wonderful for my poor battered skin. I have super dry skin but it still breaks out. Thank so much for making these wonderful products & offering them at such reasonable prices. I’m a fan for sure.

Wow, I knew rose geranium had exceptional healing qualities, but this face cream really takes the cake! I’ve been using it for a couple days, and not only has it softened my skin, but reduced redness around my nose and helped heal up a blemish. I’m impressed!! 🙂

forest faerie…the sleep well drops rocked my world!! thank you so much! i used it one night and didnt notice much…the 2nd night i did the 3 drops..the best sleep i have had in 6 months. first night i just tried 1 drop..3 works like a charm. i never sleep either…so it was just amazing

Great stuff! Thank you!

This is wonderful…have used this on my mosquito bites and it really seemed to help. Love it!

I have been using this everynight on my face….it is wonderful. It seems very moisturizing but not too greasy. Very fast shipping and a really great product. Very big size for the money…it really lasts! Thanks

Love the Soap! So pretty! And it smells delicious! Thanks so much cannot wait to try it~although it’s so pretty I almost don’t want to get it wet lol 🙂

Thank you so much, this stuff really works!! My back feels amazing! Great seller!

Tried my first batch of this product on my 64 yr old skin today and felt the difference right away and I only used a tiny bit. This product is all that you claimed plus more. I’m excited about receiving my second batch of this product that I just won yesterday. Love, love, love! TY, TY, TY….

I didn’t want to review this product until I had used it a few times so I could get a good feel for it’s helpfulness…..anyway, It is Excellent! Very nice arnica balm…good consistency and great value for the money. I will be ordering more! Thanks so much….I have loved all your products!

This product has had some wonderful results for me. I love this product and will be buying more faery fire in the future.

I can’t say how wonderful her products are!! Amazing person and product! So thankful I found her!! I’ve recommended her to so many people!

SO. I love your hot process soap and I’ve nearly used the bar that I have (I think my roommate might be using it too!!). May I put in an order for more? Let me know what you have on hand… I should probably go for a stock pile…

Thank you I know I’ll be using it soon

This is absolutely wonderful moisturizer! I love it! it smells heavenly and works great….not too heavy or greasy. I am very impressed with all the items I have purchased from this seller! Very fast shipping also! Thanks

Daughter had vicious mosquito bite and I put this on and in 3 seconds she said WOW, its stopped itching……!!!!!

Upstanding citizen in the pagan community. I’ve received items from her in excellent condition, am very happy with the sale, and she threw freebies in as well. I loooove her stuff

Her products are absolutely wonderful and smell great of course! I used this ointment on my friend’s burn the other day. It arrived just on time to help someone else 🙂

Excellent shipping time…

Love, love, love….perfect for my 64 year old dry skin. Nice smell too.

This salve is the best stuff I have ever bought! It keeps my skin clear of acne! Nothing else has done that!

Great seller! Friendly, polite, just awesome. Balm was very well done, arrived very quickly. Using is every day. Definitely feels good!

This gives an awesome cooling effect. Shipped fast and will definitely do business with you again!! Thanks for sharing!

I can’t not tell you enough how much I love her stuff!! A total life saver and a must have!!

Wonderful soap…does not bother my ultra sensitive skin!

Awesome and smells great!

Thank you Forest Faerie!! Bigger than i thought and quick shipping!!

This bug bite remedy is hands down THE best herbal bug bite I’ve ever used! I love it, my kids love it and we tell everyone we can about it. Thank you! =0)

The name says it all. I like the feel and smell. great moisturizer

Quick ship. Great scents – I am sure my niece will love it.

Amazing, efficacious product! Thank you for helping me to live that much better of a life Leelou! =0)

These bath salts are exactly what I expected, mixed to order, and are heavenly in the bath. My skin, muscles, and breathing passages feel soooo good after a soak now. Highly recommended, thank you!!!

Fast Shipping

I can’t get enough of this stuff!

This smells sooooo good! Cant wait to use it!! Thank you for the helpful instructions as well!

loved this when i got before, reducing the redness on my cheeks and chin, i tried the cold tea sample u sent & it helps alot.thank you for great products.

This is amazing stuff. It taste great and a little goes a long way. Will help with my acid reflux, I can feel it.

Shipping was very fast and packaging was perfect to protect the bottle. I’m very pleased. The scent is wonderful! I am very very happy with this and can’t wait to use it.

ty this is awesome

My 4 year old who is super picky about me using anything on his eczema, actually wanted me to put this on after smelling it. We have been using it for the past couple days when it really flares up and the seller even recommend some other natural products to use. Great help!

My first order was lost in the mail, but a new one was quickly sent out! Love this stuff, keeps the bugs away!

Love the way my skin feels after using this – soft and subtle. Nice smell too.

Words cannot describe the wonderful scent that I can smell that is coming from these bath salts… after giving this review, I plan on taking a long, soaking bath… thank you so very much…

Thank you so much!!

One of the top sellers I have dealt with ever. Amazing products, great customer service, quick shipping. I will definitely be buying more.

Came in a quick time and works SO WELL!!! AMAZING!! Can’t ask for anything more!

Great product as always from this seller. Very happy with all my purchases! Thanks again for a fabulous product!

Beautiful Packaging and Quick Shipping . Thank you

Super fast shipping and I can’t wait to use this product! Excellent pricing too- I mean I definitely got a steal, but still- great prices! Check this herbalist out people!

beautiful scent… thank you

I received the package this morning and have tried the Healing Faerie Fire on my knee this evening. It works wonderful! It heats/cools, but is not the dramatic burning ouch heat that happens when I use the generic joint relief cream that you can get at the grocery store. It’s really helping with the stiffness and pain. I would like to order more.

I am sure this will be just what my friend needs. Thank you for putting your knowledge out there!

Received promptly. Have not opened it yet… saving it for a cold… 🙂 Thank you again!

I just know this will help me through the “flu season”. Thank you!

Item was received, packaged well. I havent had enough time to determine if it works. But it does smell wonderful. I hope it helps with the pain in my hands while making jewelry!

I love this stuff! I use it every day! On my face, body, pets, everything!

Thanks so much! Great product! I would absolutely buy it again! (I just might!)

your tea sample u sent before was wonderful, i have alot of voice problems the doctor cant figure out why and the tea helps alot with throat pain.ty

Love this. Forest has great stuff. Thanks!

Always love her amazing products! Thank you again!

great items

I would like to order 2 more jars of arnica balm to share with my friends, cause I love this stuff so much!

I love your stuff.  I am a believer in your herbal remedies, and I wish only for the best for you in your endeavors.  =0)

I just dropped some of the lavender oil into my homemade laundry gel the other day, and it made our laundry smell so good!

I love your Happy Face Moisturizer!  So much so I’m ordering 2 more for my family!

Thankful I found my Forest Faerie Herbals. Products exceed description. I am definitely repeat customer and feel blessed by them. Thank you, light and blessings!

What a deal and what a nice oil! I put some in the bathwater for my 2 little hyper girls, and it helped calm them right down! =0)

Got it today and it is really nice! I haven’t really used it yet, but I’m looking forward to using it tonight!

Got it super fast!! Can’t wait to try out my headache medicine. Love all your products so far!

i thank you, i poured cooking grease in jar, miss jar pour on hand, bad burn, i am sure i will order more!

Lovely seller, lovely product. Ty.

OMG this honey is AWESOME and I’m going to be hard pressed not to eat it right out of the jar!! Extremely fast shipping of a high quality product, I couldn’t be happier! A+++++++++

Extremely fast shipping, wonderful packaging. I can not wait to have super sweet dreams!

Thank you so much! I can not wait to order from you again!

Delicious honey….I will definitely be looking for this product again!

Works great. Get bad pain in my knees and shoulder and this works. Would buy from this seller anytime.

I have loved every item purchased from this seller….excellent quality as usual!

This is my second batch from her!! It works wonderful!!

Arnica balm – love love love this stuff!!!

Thanks! My hubby thanks you too…

Delicious, thank you!

Just wonderful! I love everything that you make!

I just tried the headache remedy and it works great. Thank you.

This is a wonderful product!! I put it in my dad’s soda the first night I got it and he slept all night!! He hasn’t done that on his own in many years. And it is helping me sleep better too!! Thank you so much!

Wonderful honey, great ingredients, fast shipping, careful packaging. A++++

Lovely oil and a lovely price.

Another amazing product! Better Than the commericial version by leaps and Bounds

Got it. Used it. I’m thankful for it. It works! Yay! Thank you.

Love it! Thick and wonderful feeling cream…smells great!

Thank you. I will be back 🙂

Excellent quality soap, softened my skin on the first use, can’t wait to see the long term effects!! TYVM

Leelou, Citrus Roll On Perfume is magnificent….love, love, love. Another great achievement by Forest Faerie Herbals.TY, TY, TY…..

Great product. A really nice size too.Thank you so much.

Works like a dream!!

When it comes to Forest Faerie’s products you just cannot go wrong! Her stuff is wonderful! Thanks for the fast shipping and great packaging! Love the red electrical tape!!lol

I can’t wait to try this!!! It smells so sweet

Wonderful person, love the product. Ty.

Loved the Lavender Shea Oats for an all-around soap, and would like to order more already. I’m still delightfully using my Calenduala & Clay face soap.

My mom has had some back pain lately and I’m hoping this will help her as much as it helps me.

Thank you so much. this is wonderful
I Hope that you and yours have a Blessed 2013

Thank you so much. Words are not enough to say how wonderful this is. After one cup of tea with this I feel better than I have in months. You are a very talented herbalist.
Thank you so much for the extra.

Thank you! It smells so good.

Love, love, love the honey! Can’t wait to try other flavors. Thank you. All your products are amazing!!

Thank you so much for my order, they arrived yesterday and I’ve already been using them. :0) I LOOOOOOVE it!

Amazingly friendly and efficient. Herb is as described and I even received extra! Will order again for sure! Thank you so much!

This sore muscle balm is incredible! Used it after bowling after I got it that day on myself. Probably the most relief I’ve had in awhile! Incredible stuff, and not just because it’s for Ninjas!

Thank you!

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I am happy to do trades and sliding scale.

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Thank you!


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